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A brief on Health Smart cards- as requested.

Smart card network is secure, convenient and reliable smart card technologies specifically designed to store and transport a patient's most clinically relevant medical records.

The Idea is to incorporate smart card technology into the healthcare system as an instrumental component that protects and enables convenient access to patient data and delivers both clinical and administrative benefits.

ALWAYS CHOOSE a high-capacity microprocessor smart card that is PIN protected to comply with HIPAA security requirements and also provides a feature-rich, flexible platform that addresses key healthcare issues. There are compelling benefits to the patient, healthcare provider and payors that partially include:

� Support for privacy and security requirements mandated by HIPAA
� Convenient way to carry secure data between systems
� Streamlines administrative processes
� Reduction in fraud
� Rapid identification of patient
� Information readily accessible in an emergency
� Enables compliance with gover…

Smart Card and Health Insurance

Many health insurers now are relying on magstripe card solutions. These cards are helping trim costs and inefficiencies in flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement accounts, said Beverly Kennedy, senior vice president, health care, of First Data, which recently introduced its Multipurpose Healthcare Card, designed to support FSA and HRA record keeping and claims administration. Health reimbursement accounts allow consumers to set aside pretax dollars to use for health expenses.

Flexible spending accounts allow employees to place payroll-deducted pretax dollars in a special account to pay for insurance premiums, child care and unreimbursed medical expenses. Paying an FSA claim without the card costs approximately $5 to $10 per transaction, Kennedy said, and card technology is helping to reduce those costs.

In January, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey rolled out debitcard technology to its entire book of business for administration of FSAs for unreimbursed medical …

Making sense out of a Health Website contd..

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