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Saturday 7 January 2012

mHealth India | Press releases India

mHealth India | Press releases India
HealthCursor, a niche mhealth consulting company based out of India aimed at delivering Insight Driven Healthcare solutions while realizing the promise of a connected health future was launched today. Through HealthCursor Consulting, clients in the India, Middle East and North Africa will have access to leading experts based in the region, while also benefiting from the company's strong links with practitioner communities and regulatory bodies in developing countries. HealthCursor Consulting is launched in direct response to growing demand from clients in the region for mHealth consulting services, and is a natural complement to the Founder's expertise in Healthcare IT business management and financial services. "We are putting in a team together to innovate and deliver new value by improving health outcomes and look past standalone systems and find more ways to connect fragmented healthcare ecosystems in developing countries and support new forms of care delivery, "said Dr. Ruchi Dass, Founder of HealthCursor. "This enables unprecedented capabilities to provide the right care at the right time for a whole new breed of healthcare."

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