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Top 10 Tech Leaders- Perspectives by Information week

Ten Most Impactful #Technology Leaders of 2013
— InformationWeek (@iweekindia) December 19, 2013Mobility poised to play a significant role in healthcare’: Dr. Ruchi Dass, Founder & CEO, HealthCursor Consulting Group
An mHealth Evangelist, and Founder & CEO, HealthCursor Consulting Group Dr. Ruchi Dass, has been involved in specific healthcare IT, e-learning and ICT projects for the public/private sector in India.
In an exclusive interview with InformationWeek, she discusses how mobile phones have transformed the entire healthcare landscape and shares how mobile technology is propelling innovation in healthcare.
According to you, how is mobile phone penetration transforming healthcare landscape in India? While the Government is building more and more hospitals, the gap between the patient-doctor ratio is huge. For the next 20 years, the infrastructure will not be able to match the growing population of India. Hence, the next s…